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Kelley Andre

No new comer to the art of performing, Kelley Andre is a multi-talented Entertainer, Singer and Songwriter. A New York native, his infused R&B, Jazz, Funk, New Soul sound and style delivers a distinct & melodic 2nd Tenor/ Baritone flavor that permeates inner souls.

Fasten your seatbelts when Kelley Andre enters because the party is about to begin this multi talented entertainer has engulfed the entertainment world with his diverse memorable performances.

Growing up in a house where Gospel and Jazz music were his tools of war, Kelley commenced his musical journey at the age of six, playing the piano. At the age of eight, this smooth crooner began singing at his home church in Brooklyn, NY. As an adolescent, Kelley was aware of his musical gifts, he knew that one day he would share his sound; share his voice with the world. As he grew into manhood, he remained committed to cultivating his talents through study and performing showcases through-out NYC and abroad. 
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Live Shows


Nov 15, 2019 New York, NY Dinosaur BBQ
Nov 16, 2019 New Jersey Papillion 25
Nov 24, 2019 Atlanta, GA Velvetnote
Nov 29, 2019 New Brunswick, NJ Deltas
Dec 6, 2019 Amsterdam Club Dauphine
Dec 15, 2019 New York, NY Casa La Femme
Dec 21, 2019 New Jersey Papillion 25
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